We want to help business owners and brands leverage the power of social! It seems these days that most businesses know that they need to be on social media but they don’t necessarily understand why. We understand that this shift can be overwhelming and we want to remove that overwhelm and ultimately help you leverage your social media to not only drive sales but also to increase your brand awareness by cutting through the noise. This is what I live and breathe. Sarah Moore Founder and CEO


The key to being ahead of the game in 2016 is marketing in the year that you live in. At this point in time there is little better return for your money than investing in Facebook Ads.

When you know how to find and target your ideal client or customer and then capture their attention long enough, you can drive begin to drive results from social.

We offer an all inclusive service where we not only create and run ad campaigns for your but we manage your social in order to maintain brand cohesiveness across your social channels.


Which platform should I be on? How often do I post? Why do I even need to be on this? These questions are all totally normal and we understand how frustrating it can be to navigate all of the social media content in order to find your answers.

That’s why we’ve created our Social Bootcamp. In this 3 day intensive we not only audit whatever social you already have going but we also teach you how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest effectively and a whole lot more.

Our job is to take the overwhelm out of social media and replace it with tools, strategies and the know-how to move forward in using social media effectively for your business.


Let’s be real. You are so busy working IN your business that you don’t necessarily have the time social media requires of you. But you still need to be using it effectively, right?

That’s where we can help. Instead of you trying to tread the social media waters, you can hand it over to us and use our expertise, knowledge and understanding of this space to not only give you a better return but also free up your time.




I’ve been working with Sarah Moore for the past several months. Not only is she a talented social media manager, but she is creative and proactive with her work. She understands the challenges of managing a personal brand. If you are seeking someone to help build your personal or professional brand, I highly recommend Sarah Moore and her team at Eleven Lights Media.

Daniel Newman

CEO , Broadsuite Media Group

Passion, knowledge and focus are just three of the reasons I love running training sessions with Sarah Moore. She is always aware of the latest social trends and best strategies and never fails to deliver them in an easy to understand format.

Tristan Griffiths

Business Mentor, ATWNetworking

Wonderful insightful quality service, above and beyond expectations, delivered on time. Can’t get better than that

Lucas Giezen

Owner, Remedial Knead

Sarah has helped us focus our Social Media Strategy on the right platforms, and helped us significantly grow our reach. She has assisted in growing my own credibility and authority in my space, and over the last month especially we have noticed that highly targeted followers are now connecting with us practically daily! Bearing in mind we would rarely get our target clients following us.

Lee Jackson

Founder, Lee Jackson Dev

Sarah at Eleven Lights Media has not only been an excellent resource for all things social media, but she has substantially grown my brand following. She seems to always have the answer and with her managing my social, she grew my audience by over 600% in just four months. She is definitely my “go to” for all things social media and would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Clay Mosley

Chief Geek, Rock City Digital

Sarah was engaged to improve my professional Facebook page as it was lacklustre and did not reflect my business.  The service I received was fantastic as I found the process streamline and effortless and of great value.  The response on my Facebook page has been very positive and exceeded my expectations.  

I would not hesitate to engage the services of Eleven Lights Media in the future.

Maria Filardo

Architect | Interior Designer, Maria Filardo Architect