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5 Reasons You Should Create Video Content Now

5 Reasons You Should Create Video Content Now

5 Reasons You Should Create Video Content Now

As video consumption continues to rise year on year the growing need to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy feels more and more urgent. One of the problems however, is that from a practical standpoint it feels like a lot of work for an unknown return.

Plus, it’s just another thing to do now, right?

However, the simple fact is, that video is fast becoming a non-negotiable medium that needs to be harnessed in order to not only reach your audience but also ensure that your content is then consumed. If you’re still on the fence about why you should be creating, here are some practical reasons as to why you need to hop off the fence and start executing.

Content Marketing

Up until this point there is a very good chance that if you’ve been putting out content it’s likely only been in the written form. There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s an excellent practice however, it can be time consuming. Not everybody is gifted with the ability to write eloquently or even to the point.

Hitting record on a camera and addressing an issue, speaking on a relevant topic or even interviewing somebody can produce quality content in moments.

The added benefit to video content is that it doesn’t detract from the written. In fact, it really should be done so as to compliment your articles and so that those who wish to read, can and those who wish to watch, can.


Following on from this idea of written and visual content being produced in parallel is that it is also extremely beneficial to your SEO practices. Not only do you get the searchability of a video in YouTube but you get the strength of correct keywords on your website adding weight to the ability to be found in Google. It’s not an exact science but it can pack a powerful punch if you consistently execute at a high level with these two mediums working in conjunction.

Humanizing Your Brand

We’ve all heard the age-old adage that people buy from people, right? This reasoning is why you should be putting faces on camera. There are very few brands in our lives that we have a special affinity for that don’t have a name, face or personality attached.

When you start humanizing your brand you start to develop a personality around it. Consumers are able to more readily identify with and relate to you than if you were to just churn out industry papers. While that may give them the information they want and need, it doesn’t necessarily give them the emotional connection or personal relationship required for them to move from consumer to customer.


Once consumers learn to trust your brand they are then able to trust you as an authority. Video content is incredibly easy and relatively simple for the average user to begin creating to continue to establish that influential role in their customers’ minds.

Expertise and even thought leadership can be easy traits to mask when a brand positions themselves behind a screen. Video delivers a way to prove that a business knows what it’s talking about as well as its employees. We instinctually know when someone is lying or is ill-informed and so simply through using a visual medium you are subtly letting your customer know that you have nothing to hide and you believe in your own authority.

Sales Support

Finally, video is a great way to guide customers through various touch points in their buying journey. If they purchase an item that requires instructions perhaps you could send a walkthrough video showing the process of setting the item up or using it. If you sell a service, there is no greater welcome than a personal video to thank them, reassuring them of their purchase and giving them an understanding of where to from here.

Videos also help to close the deal if the customer is pushing out the expected close time; perhaps a video with the benefits of the product or service, or maybe an interview with the CEO about the values and the vision of the company. These don’t have to be long or boring. They are there to not only add value to the process but shorten timelines and most importantly create a great customer experience.

The Future is Here

At some point in the near future our marketing efforts are going to move beyond what we traditionally use today. It’s not to say that blogging, podcasting, images or anything of that nature will be made obsolete, but more so that the future is already here. We are looking at VR and AR on the rise and as a business, you need to be ready to tailor your content for such a time.

If nothing else, video is a small stepping stone to these fast emerging technologies and by implementing now, you are readying your business for the future. At the accelerating rate in which people are consuming video content, the time is now.

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