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5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach 2017

One of the biggest concerns I hear regarding Facebook organic reach and its slow decline. In this video I’ve put together 5 tips on how to increase your organic reach and they’re all tried and true by yours truly.

TIP 1 – Know your audience

It’s imperative you know who you’re serving so that you can understand them in order to give them what they need. Do this and they will come back to you time and time again because you solve their problems.

TIP 2 – Outstanding Visuals

Make sure you have incredible thumbnails, images and you utilise emojis in order to stand out and create easily sharable content.

TIP 3 – Notifications

Have your audience turn ON their Facebook notifications so that you always get pride of place at the top of their feed.

TIP 4 – Avoid Stock Photos

People see through stock photography and are less inclined to share and engage on something that feels inauthentic. Make sure you take photos with YOU or someone else in it so that your audience has a level of connection with you through your use of photos.

TIP 5 – Engage!

Engagement is a huge reason why business pages fail. If you don’t treat each comment like it’s royalty, you are going to suffer in the long run. Everyone matters and their engagement adds to your reach so make sure you stick around after you’ve posted and build those relationships! /

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