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5 Ways To Use Video For Business

5 Ways To Use Video For Business: Other Than Straight Up Vlogging

When we think of video we often think of vlogging or content videos but that’s not the only way to use video in your business.

In this video I give you 5 ways to use video for business outside of the traditional vlogging or content creation.

1. Video For Business: Systems and processes

Often times when someone joins the ranks of your team you need to show them operations or how things work. By capturing processes on video you can minimise the hands on time you need to give them or another staff member needs to give them. It also gives them a way to recall something if they forget and to learn visually and audibly.

2. Video For Business: Hiring and Onboarding

Similar to the idea above, you can use video to document culture, values and principles that are the very lifeblood of your company. This can be extremely valuable if that new staff member turns out to be a bad fit and you need to explain how they don’t align with your values. Further to that it’s a really fast way for a newcomer to understand the environment and assimilate (provided it’s an accurate portrayal of your company).

3. Video For Business: Communications

Video is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and to collaborate. With programs like Slack, Cisco Spark, Facebook and others working in video into their products, it’s never been easier to communicate with a remote worker and/or the whole team.

4. Video For Business: Product Demonstrations

This one is self explanatory but it can also be used if you’ve developed an app or you’re a service. What better way to show someone how to use your service or product than with video. Sales pages with video always out perform those that don’t.

5. Video For Business: Testimonials

Storytelling someone’s journey with your product or company is a powerful way to get others to say yes as well. Do this right and you could see an immediate and very tangible bump on your bottom line.

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