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8 Steps To Immediately Reduce Social Media Overwhelm

8 (Actionable) Steps To Immediately Reduce Social Media Overwhelm

Short story: Identify where the overwhelm is coming from + do something about it.

Long story: If you’re anything like me, you succumb to overwhelm maybe…. once a week, if not more… I am a Type A personality after all.

I know for many years I fell into the trap of believing that I needed to read just one more article or I needed the content I created to be without error so my peers didn’t snigger behind my back. Or what about all the times when you ran out of ideas for content.

You know what I’m talking about.

But let’s be honest.

You haven’t run out of ideas. 27 seconds into a Google search will give you a plethora of places to start! Your content will NEVER be perfect (and you know this) and you really, REALLY don’t need to read that one extra article. Trust me. You don’t.

And what about the times when you’ve created the content and gone to post it only to end up wasting 3 hours on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook and any other soul sucking, work evading, procrastination tool you can find.

Why is that? And more importantly, how do we fix it?

I think the why is a lot simpler than we give it credit for. We blame all of these exterior (and in some cases, interior) goings-on to avoid the real truth. We need more ideas, more time, some peace, some space; we need to clear our minds, find inspiration, get motivated and finish the housework.

Funny how normally house cleaning falls by the way side, but should we ever need to procrastinate?

Spotless house!

I know that made you smile a little.

And that’s ok.

Because it’s true.

And we are all the same.

Anyway, I digress. WHY do we return to overwhelm again and again?

I believe that the answer is one of three things.

1. We DON’T have a strategy — so we procrastinate.
2. We DO have a strategy BUT we don’t know how to action it — so we procrastinate.
3. We are lazy — so we procrastinate.

The lesson in this is that procrastination leads to overwhelm.

So, how do we fix this?

I have a few solutions that address each problem.

**When we don’t have a strategy, we search for it and it often manifests in boatloads of subscriptions to blogs and industry experts who promise to give us a blueprint or deliver the latest MUST-HAVE in order to be successful.**

Here’s what you need to do —

1. Create a strategy. I know that sounds ‘complex’ — but it really isn’t. Figure out what you want to achieve from the platform and reverse engineer the process. Read this if you need help with that

2. Limit your social media to 30 minutes a day for personal use. DO NOT read everything. You don’t need to. Give yourself extra time for work related social media (but don’t crossover into personal use).

3. Go to you email and UNSUBSCRIBE from all of the crap that you don’t need. How much of that do you really read anyway?

This should take no longer than 15 minutes!

**When you have a strategy but don’t know how to action it, there are one or two things you can do to help.**

4. Sit down with your strategy and logically look at the next step and consider what you may need to move forward. Do you need to create content? Do you need to schedule content? Do you need to curate content?

5. Set yourself a time limit and execute on the top 3 things. If you’re anything like me, your self competitive nature should drive you to finish before the time you set.

**Laziness. This one is tougher. But I do have some actionable steps.**

6. Get off your butt. Literally get up. Do 5 star jumps. Move.

7. Complete just ONE social media related task that I’ve mentioned above. It will motivate you.

8. Stop blaming exterior circumstance. I know life gets hard but only you can continue to make decisions and take action to move you forward.

So there you are.

I hope that has helped.

Let me know the things you are going to action TODAY in the comments below.

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