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In a post-advertising era , you need to become the story instead of the ad. We use social media, video production, and creative strategy to help you build brand awareness, establish authority and ultimately increase revenue.

We strongly believe in an age where the barrier to entry for content creation is low, that creative is the variable and we help make your content meaningful and purposeful.

For many businesses social media has become a check box that needs to be ticked where we see it as a massive opportunity to tell the world about who you are, what you do and how you can solve your customers problems.

ELM doesn’t just tick the checkbox. We build brands. We help you tell stories to connect with your customer and we do this with strategic flare.



Why do movies get watched?
Why do books get read?
Why do you buy the things you buy?


The first two are obvious but don't for a second think that you don't involve your own personal storytelling every time you purchase ANYTHING. Groceries - Story: I need this to live. Shoes - Story: My other pair are old and I need these now. Netflix - Story: I deserve downtime and this is how I'm going to spend it.

Every choice we make in life, especially around how to spend money is fundamentally rooted in storytelling. And your customers are the same. So we at Eleven Lights Media help create those stories - those narratives - in the form of video, audio, text and image based content to help create context for your ideal customer to buy.


If you have a business and need to shine a light on your products + services, content is what's needed.

If you strive to be the leader in your industry or the authority voice, content is what's needed.

Any yet...

The art of creating content is a modern day paradox.

On the one hand we have tools at our fingertips that allow us to do it so quick and easily and yet, so many businesses fail to create any content.

That's where we step in - we strategise, plan and implement incredible high touch content with you and for you so that you can gain more brand awareness and authority and ultimately turn that into increased revenue.


So where do all of our stories and content go?

Social media, of course.

But you can't just broadcast and slam videos and audio and images in everyone's faces. You need to be strategic, analytical, generous and actually social in order for your content to take hold and your message to be understood and bought into.

We do this too - alongside and for you.