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Content Creation: Surviving The Long Game

In this week’s video I want to talk to you about Content creation and surviving the long game. Whenever businesses decide to create content there is always initial excitement that propels them to start. Starting content creation is easy, what is difficult is consistently creating it and showing up week in, week out.

In this video I share with you five key areas I’ve identified to help you beat that slump you feel after creating content for a few months.


Don’t just set the long term goal of content creation and marketing. Have smaller and intermediate goals that are achievable and fuel the fire to keep creating the content. Let those small wins drive you or help you adjust.


Planning is crucial in order to put some framework around what you do but certainly don’t become to fiercely detailed that you grow overwhelmed and never execute. Do the bare minimum when it comes to planning and START.


Come up with a content frequency that is good for you and your business. Don’t allow what other businesses are doing to determine how often you publish. Do be conservative in the beginning to ensure you can meet the deadlines you set for yourself and only once you meet them should you increase them.


What this means is that if you have an idea, instead of wasting 6 months researching it you should just go ahead and do it. Test it. Measure it and see if it’s worthwhile by actioning it.


Don’t attribute short term expectations on long term goals. Traditionally, content marketing is the long game and you shouldn’t rush it to perform how you might expect a Facebook ad funnel to perform.

Put these five areas in place and you should be able to ride out consistency and continue to show up for your audience.

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