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Passion Won’t Sustain Content Creation

Passion Won’t Sustain Content Creation

Passion Won’t Sustain Content Creation

I don’t think anyone would say that passion is enough. The problem however, is that many many people don’t actually know what IS enough.

That’s what I’m going to address.

See, I truly believe that if you’re passionate about something you should go for it BUT in order to keep that passion alive you need to do the boring work around it.

You need to create framework, foundation and set yourself up to succeed because doing the thing you love doesn’t always feel fun. Much like being in a long term relationship, feelings ebb and flow.

So contextually speaking, we are looking at content creation and probably the single biggest way that people fall down is in their consistency. The passion or excitement fades and it becomes just another chore.

So how do we avoid this?

We create a foundation.

We start with this because it’s upon this that we build our framework. So what is a foundation? I like to think of it as the business outcome you’re looking to achieve by creating content.

Are you trying to drive sales?
Are you going for the long play? Brand.
Are you looking to establish authority?

Once you know these things you’re able to build a framework around it.

Framework involves frequency, distribution and deadlines.

Scheduling your content creation in as part of your workflow is ultimately the only way it’s going to be a long term success story. Intermittent stints in front of the camera or document are not going to bode well for consistency.

Figure out these things:
– How often do I want to publish?
– On what channels am I going to publish?
– How am I going to present the content on each channel?
– What additional content do I need to create around the main piece in order to promote it adequately?
– When do I need to sit down at the computer/record video to get this done in a reasonable timeframe?

Then, my biggest piece of advice?

Do it.

Don’t waiver.
Commit, week in and week out.
Measure what you need to.
Don’t wrap your self worth up in your content.

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