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Facebook Ad Rogues, You Gotta Stop. Like… Now

Facebook Ad Rogues, You Gotta Stop. Like… Now

Short Story: Stop posting decontextualised results! (ok, you’ll probably need to read the rest of the post for this one…)

Long Story: I am in a number of Facebook groups that, let’s be honest, I should have probably left a long time ago. I’m not even sure why I look at the posts. Note to self — do a Facebook group cull.

Anyway, I am in a number of Facebook groups where people are not allowed to be self promotional which is a good thing. However, I have since noticed a new (and sneaky) way of drawing attention to ones self.

And it’s centred around Facebook Ads.

Basically, people post results of a campaign they’ve run accompanied with a screenshot of the “results.”

A Little something like this:

Results from recently run campaign

And the actual ‘post’ normally goes a little something like this — “Totally just nailed Facebook ads with .0000005 cost per webinar conversion” OR “I ran $3 worth of ads and made a bajillion dollars from this” (ok, I exaggerated…) but that is the general gist of it.

At first glance there is nothing wrong with this but if you think about it for more than half a second you will realise that it actually is wrong. Really wrong.

Here’s why.

These posts that I see weekly are almost always completely lacking any context.

Here are a few examples of why context matters. Always.

Facebook ads can be sent to cold, warm or hot audiences. So for example, you can send them to a cold audience (via a dark post) or import your contacts (they would be a warm audience) or you could remarket to people who’ve just purchased a low item and upsell them (that would be a hot audience).

Not only that, the advertiser could be marketing to their own audience, aka the people that have liked their biz page.

As well as this, there are tricky tricksters out there doing things like running ads or blog posts to essentially third world countries for next to NOTHING, gaining likes and clicks or whatever their call to action is and then doing the old bait and switch (changing the audience to those they ‘actually’ want to market to).

I feel like I’ve somewhat made my point…

Basically, posting that you got amazing results so that people contact you asking you to consult them or so you can sell your dodgy Facebook ad program is deceitful. Stop. Please, just stop it.

And for you, the one reading these posts — unless FULL context is provided, do NOT fall for it. There are a million variables and reasons as to why someone got the results they did. Some of them will be legit but personally I believe that if they are, they will provide full context around their ad before baiting you with AMAZING results.

So, to the Facebook Ad rogues — you gotta stop or you’re gonna get called out.

And to you, the ones seeing their sweet poison — be wise. Not everything that glitters is gold.

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