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How To Be Great At Social Media

How To Be Great At Social Media

Everyone wants to know how to be great at social media. It would solve a lot of problems, wouldn’t it? If you’ve been reading my posts for even a short amount of time you would have noticed I talk about goal setting as a crucial part of any social media marketing strategy.

While this is foundational to social media success there is one other part of the equation that I want to address today. The part that I am here to call myself out on and in turn, you. I’m nice like that.

It’s probably the hardest thing to do well.

It’s one of the biggest reasons brands outsource their social.

And it too is crucial to elevating your social presence.

This elusive piece of the puzzle is consistency. Specifically in this case with your social media efforts — creating content, posting content and engaging with people in the social space.

Consistency is one of the most difficult parts of executing ANYTHING well. It also looks different for every business so to try and achieve someone else’s standard of ‘consistency’ can often lead to overwhelm.

But why is it important?

  1. Trust — At the core of our businesses we are trying to develop a level of trust that not only sees our customers and clients recommending us but also returning to us. However, if we cannot be reliable with our online presence (which is the only one they often see!) then it establishes a subconscious sense of distrust. Consistency subliminally says “Hey! I’m reliable both with content and with your needs.”
  2. Momentum — Consistency drives momentum across the board (although we are specifically talking about social media). Creating content and posting it consistently keeps you top of mind in your community. I often find things get a little quiet in my neck of the woods when I stop giving value in the form of content. Momentum is one of those things where there is a lot of sweat and grind for a long time but eventually (unless your business dies — that is another post) you reach a tipping point and it’s about managing the surge of momentum instead of creating it.
  3. Positioning — I’m going to assume here that the content you create is of high value. With that being said, when you consistently provide value it begins to position you as an ‘expert’ in that space. I use that word loosely and here’s why: not everybody is an expert however, consistent value frames you as that person for your audience and community. Combine that with regular engagement across your platforms and your brand will continue to elevate naturally above competitors in your space.
  4. Brand Awareness — A wonderfully depressing example of this is when I spoke earlier this year at a conference and had the opportunity to speak one on one with the keynote speaker. At the time I had been consistent for a few months (yes, I am about to call myself out…) with posting videos every Tuesday on my Facebook page. Long story short, he recognised me from those videos (at the time he didn’t follow me on any platform). That was the kickoff to a business relationship we’ve established since and I put it down to the consistency of my videos at the time which led to brand awareness (he knew me by my business name not my real name). To clarify: the ‘depressing’ part is because it was after that that I got super busy and my own content creation and execution fell to the way side — something you can see I’m in the process of rectifying.

As I will talk about in another post, social media is only one part of the marketing pie however, consistency is something you can apply to any department or initiative and always find it drives results.

Funnily enough one of the ways my agency provides value is by being consistent on social platforms on behalf of clients. Creating, scheduling and posting content regularly is the backbone of my business so there is an element of hypocrisy when I don’t consistently deliver for my own agency and personal brand.

I’ve been terrible of late at filming my videos which I am in the process of fixing. Consistency and quality are of utmost importance and I’m committing to moving forward with both of those elements as the cornerstone to my social media and content marketing.

So I guess my question for you would have to be — If you self audited, what initiatives or tasks have you been inconsistent with and will you commit to rectifying the situation?

My final thought on the matter is this — consistency is character building and we could all do with a little more of that.

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