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How Long Should Your Video Be?

How Long Should Your Video Be? The perfect video length is difficult to achieve no matter how long you’ve been video marketing. So I’ve put together a few questions to ask as well as look at the data from a case study by Wistia to help you determine the ideal video length.

My first question to you is what kind of content are you creating? This really matters because depending on the type, you will need longer for some and not as long for others. For example if you’re creating a tutorial then it is far more acceptable to create an 18 minute tutorial than if you’re just doing an informational talking head video.

My second question is which platform are you creating content for? This is extremely important because video on Facebook is often interruptive and perhaps lends itself to a shorter form because people there are generally not searching for you and your video. They are there to chill out, see what their friends are up to and have a giggle. YouTube however, is where people actively search for content to watch and therefore might lend itself to a longer video. People have gone there specifically to watch afterall.

And my third question to you is what is your audience responding to? Perhaps they love your short form video or perhaps they are asking for more detailed videos. Whatever the case, listen, read the data and iterate accordingly.

But my final piece of advice is to experiment and let the chips fall. Your audience will let you know when something is great and when something sucks. Trust them!

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