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Oh, You Want To Talk About Snapchat Strategy?

Oh, You Want To Talk About Snapchat Strategy?

Short story: There is no Snapchat code to decipher. If you’re not interesting, you’re boring. And you won’t be good at Snapchat. End of. Oh… and as for strategy. There are only 4 things you need to know. Read on if you want to know.

Longer story: This is going to be a little bit controversial for some people and I’ve been debating whether or not I should even publish this — so in the spirit of Snapchat, I let my followers decide by snapping me back as to whether or not I should. This is the result of that Call To Action.

Why is this potentially controversial? Because I know a number of people teaching courses (whom I’m not out to offend)+ Snapchat is actually so damn simple. SO simple.

I want to talk to you about Snapchat for business and the strategy BUT I do need to preface this post by saying — no, I am not a Snapchat expert (not anywhere near) — no, I do not teach Snapchat strategy nor do I have a course (Hat tip to my friends that do).

However, in saying that I do consider there to only be a handful of people you could accurately describe as ‘experts’ (that I know of) playing in this space and I’ll be honest — none of them are marketers per se. They are people who are executing REALLY well, creatively.

Which brings me to my next point: Strategy.

Come with me for a moment while I postulate. This thought is about the idea of strategy and how it has many levels of complexity, irrespective of the context. So, super high level strategy conjures up ideas about the CIA and war plans while low level strategy is just mastering basics like consistency and taking action (imo).

So, the reason high level strategy is so complex is because there are endless variables that need to be accounted for, so often times there is not necessarily a Plan B if Plan A fails, but rather Plans B through Z.

Consider Facebook for example and the need for strategy. A lot of people want more organic reach without paying for it and so we add in variables such as the time of day we post, the content we are putting out, the medium we use, whether we post natively or with a link etc etc. So the need for strategy might be a little bit more complex in order to achieve the desired results. I don’t think this falls into high level strategy but hopefully you see my point.

All that to say…

Snapchat ain’t that complex, peeps.

So here’s where I’m going with this. People keep talking about how to monetise Snapchat and what is the ROI when there is no marketing infrastructure baked into the platform to amplify my message and measure my results?

Do you know what?

The beauty of Snapchat is that it hasn’t yet had those external marketing parameters placed on it. Right now there are no algorithms in place to restrict who sees your content.

So Snapchat strategy is this –

  1. Be incredibly creative
  2. Tell an interesting/captivating/page turning (finger tapping) story
  3. Find a way to measure that (think: snap me back/screenshot this/bring this code in store)
  4. Build relationship

STOP overcomplicating it.

STOP thinking you need to be TOLD what to do with it.

IF you are rubbish at thinking creatively, find someone who isn’t and get help.

STOP thinking you need to ‘growth hack’ the platform. I would hazard a guess that most people are still crap at holding other people’s attention so why would you want to increase that audience dramatically when you can’t even look after the people you have now?

GET BETTER at telling a story with the people you have!

All of the variables that other platforms have imposed on their users do not apply here — take advantage of that and just get good at being interesting.

Ok.. gotta run. Trying to make buying coffee look interesting. 😉

PS — The REAL strategy is in the creativity you apply, if you want to get all thinky about it.

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