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The One + ONLY Secret To Killing It On Social Media (And Everywhere)

The One + ONLY Secret To Killing It On Social Media (And Everywhere)

Short Story: Do SOMETHING.

Long Story: I remember when I first started really getting into online marketing and social media, I would scour the internet for hours and read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on.

If there was a free eBook, I would whore out my email address without batting an eyelid. I would read and read and read and think about how I was going to be the BEST at whatever it was I was going to do.

*Insert eye roll*

In retrospect I can see that subconsciously I was looking for blueprints — for templates. For someone to say “Here. Do this. This is the magic potion to make this all work.”

Let’s be real — back then I still didn’t have a business, a blog or a customer. I didn’t have my social media channels set up and I didn’t have any content ready to post.

What I didn’t understand is that I actually DID possess the blueprint, the template — the magic potion.

So what did I possess that I was missing entirely?

My ability to take action.

The only thing standing between you and AWESOME social media success is taking action.

If you have taken action and things still suck, my guess is that you are not being consistent.

Here’s the thing — when you are starting out, when you are creating, when you are putting anything into the world you encounter imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome makes you feel less than, like you don’t know what you’re talking about, it causes you to compare yourself to others in your industry and it makes you feel like everything you create is not worthy of being put into the world.

It turns you into a perfectionist irrespective of whether or not that is your normal behaviour.

This post is not about imposter syndrome but the quicker you can identify it and get OVER it, the quicker you will be able to take action, tweak, adjust and move forward.

This post is to let you know that you don’t have to stop reading all of those articles BUT how about, instead of spending 3–6 hours a night reading stuff others have created, you spend 10 minutes reading something actionable and then you spend the next 5 hours and 50 minutes taking action on it…

So after you’ve read this (and shared it..) go and take action on something that you know you haven’t been doing.

Go and SCHEDULE those Twitter posts or Facebook posts.

Go and WRITE that blog post to get some content flowing.

Go and VIDEO yourself on your smartphone and put it on Facebook, YouTube and your website.

Stop waiting for the stars to align and a blue dog to hand deliver you a letter from Britney Spears. It’s not going to happen. Not ever. Your social media is still going to suck tomorrow if you don’t take action on something today.

Go and CHANGE your freaking two year old header. Everybody knows you don’t look like that anymore — so reflect that in your images.

And the next time something sucks for you; social media is not getting engagement, leads aren’t rolling in, life is sucking — go and execute.


P.S. In case you aren’t familiar with my sense of humour, the title is ironic 🙂

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